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Green Dock

De huidige situatie
Director: Bong-Nam Park 59:56 minutes

Everyday some 20,000 people in Chittagong, a small port city of southern Bangladesh risk their lives for 2 dollars. They dismantle retired old ships from all over the world. An average of 20 workers die in Chittagong every year. Despite the harsh working environment full of contaminants and toxic gases, the ships are gifts from God. A twenty one year old, Belal, who left home ten years ago, a skilled worker, Rufik, who has devoted all his thirty two years in Chittagong and a twelve year old child laborer, Ekramul, tell a heart-breaking story of their lives with breathtaking views of the ship breaking yards.

Director Bio
Over the last 15 years as an independent filmmaker, Bong-Nam Park has directed and produced around 30 documentaries for the audiences of Korean broadcasters. Despite the diversity of the subjects he has chosen for his filmmaking, his interest has always been focused on the people of Asia. Park will continue making documentaries about Asia which is his vision and mission.

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